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This one may strike you out! A classic, challenging 12-piece puzzle. The pieces interlock in a sequential order and the ball will stay together when assembled. Part of the initial challenge is just figuring out how to take it apart. Diameter: Nearly 3".

A very difficult design from the Edison family (1933). The objective is to get all 12 pieces to fit into the large opening. It looks easy, but it's nearly impossible to find the one unique solution! Any age can attempt it, but only the most persistent will solve it!

An attractive design consisting of 6 groups of cannon balls in unique shapes that must be fitted together to form the 4-level pyramid stack. This is a great desk or coffee table item. We also sell a more advanced version of this puzzle.

An advanced version of the popular Cannonball Pyramid 4! There are 7 groups of cannon balls in unique shapes that must come together to form the 5-level pyramid stack. A very difficult challenge!

There is a plexiglass panel behind which is some folded cash. You can see it, but can you get it? You must use a classic puzzle technique to release a locking mechanism which will allow the panel to be opened. A fun way to give cash or a gift card!

6 pieces with weird shapes fit together in a sequential order to form a cube. Taking it apart is hard, but trying to get it back together just might take 100 years! An astoundingly difficult puzzle. Size: 2.6" cube.

13 puzzles in 1! Place the water tower in any of the 13 peg holes in the base and then see if you can fit all 9 buildings in place. After you find 1 city configuration, move the water tower and try to find the other 12! A fun, attractive, & challenging puzzle.

Can you open the box? All 3 wheel must be in the correct position simultaneously in order for the lid to open. A great box to put a gift card inside (or some other small gift). A respectable solution time is 10 minutes. Size: 5" x 2.7" x 2.8".

9 colorful pieces (7 L-shaped & 2 I-shaped) will easily fit within the base of the puzzle. However, the goal is to insert them into the base such that there are 5 different colors in each column & 5 different colors in each row. Size: 4.75" on each side.

Can you take the ring off the X? An ingenious & fun puzzle that few solve without help. Can be solved in seconds if you know the scientific principle required, and often you can solve this right in front of people's eyes and they still won't know how you did it!

Perhaps the most fun you can have with 4 pieces of wood! A brilliant design that looks simple but isn't. The goal is to get all 4 pieces to fit inside the rectangular area. The puzzle comes unsolved with 1 piece off to the right. Size: 5.5" x 3.3" x 0.6".

There are 16 wooden pieces cut at various angles. The objective is to assemble the 2-layers into a 4x4 flush checkerboard pattern. Designed in the Netherlands & winner of a prestigious puzzle competition in Japan in 1990, this puzzle is very tough!

Beautiful, hand-crafted wood puzzle. The object is to get all 3 marbles to the center core of the maze. Dexterity will be required! The design is such that the marbles remain inside the maze at all times (so they cannot get lost). Size: 6" diameter.

This is probably the toughest puzzle we sell. All 18 pieces are unique and must be sequentially combined to make this 6x6x6 burr. Getting it apart is tough; most don't even know where to begin to solve it. Solution sheet included for when you give up!

The object is to open it but the dovetail joints look impossible to open. This one is a lot of fun & quite clever (no brute force required). It requires a classic puzzle solution technique to solve.

With only 5 pieces, it looks easy, but it is actually quite challenging to get all five pieces to fit in the frame! It only takes seconds to get close, but it is tough to solve. A great coffee table or desk puzzle. The pieces are 1/4" thick. Size: 5" x 4".

A design from 1888 with 25 pieces in the base. The object is to arrange all the pieces so that no color or number is repeated in any row or column. This puzzle is a giant hit with those who enjoy Sudoku or logic puzzles. Size: 5.5" x 5.5" x 1.25".

Goal: Slide the large block out the slot by shuffling other pieces around strategically. Requires at least 115 moves! There are 10 other puzzles to solve with different starting configurations. Includes a lid which makes it a favorite puzzle for travelers.

An 11 piece puzzle of moderate difficulty. Pieces will stay firmly locked in place until you remove key pieces that hold everything together. This puzzle is based on a design from the early 1950's made in post WWII Japan. It looks good and is fairly durable.

A magic trick from 1927. 5 dice each bearing six 3-digit numbers. Roll & find the sum. There are 7700 combinations, yet if you know the trick, the sum can be found in a couple seconds mentally! Fun for math lovers! Size: 7/8" dice. Includes case.

Goal: Fit all 10 hexagon block pieces in the base. There are about 20 unique solutions and most will find at least 1 solution in 30 minutes or less. This is a popular puzzle for kids since it is both beautiful & not exceedingly difficult. Size: About 7" across.

The Idiot Stick (also known as: "rubber band snatch") is a classic puzzle that will have you laughing & your friends getting frustrated since only you have the "skill" to catch the rubber band. Fathers have been teasing children with this one for years!

Can you make a perfect capital "T" from just 4 pieces? Everyone thinks they will solve it quickly, but few actually do. Comes with a wooden box. Additionally, there are about 20 other shapes to be solved with these same 4 pieces. Great value!

This is an attractive and popular puzzle from the 1930s. The object is to completely remove the ring. It is a bit mind-boggling, but it can be done! It doesn't look possible, but in only 3 moves...off it comes! (no scissors allowed).

Can you open it? A unique way to give gifts of money, small jewelry, or gift cards. It's fun to watch them work for their gift, and it's definitely more entertaining than just putting money inside a card & envelope. Also makes a great desk or coffee table puzzle.

A very difficult picture frame puzzle (includes a cover). 13 different precision cut & engraved pieces made from 4 different types of hardwood: violin, cello, bass, oboe, french horn, xylophone, timpani, drum, sax, piano, trumpet, trombone, & harp.

A fast-paced game for 2 or more players of any age. Start with 12 pennies each. Roll to put a penny in a slot. Keep rolling, if you choose, to try to get rid of more pennies, but if you roll a number that is already full, you take all the pennies on the board!

This is a fairly large puzzle, about 10" tall. It consists of a base & a frame into which you try to place 10 pieces to build a rocketship from the ground up, while respecting the checkerboard pattern. A beautiful puzzle & very popular with children.

A fantastic puzzle based on a 1911 design. The object is to get each of the 16 columns of numbers to add to 40 at the same time. Can you find the combination? There is a base ring with 4 rings that rotate on top of it. Very challenging, but great for number lovers!

The design for this puzzle box came from Turkey. There are 5 sliding "keys" on each end. All 10 keys must be in the correct position to allow the cover to unlock. Not easy, but with patience it can be done. With Mandala artwork. Size: 5.1" x 3" x 3" (outside); 3.4" x 2.1" x 2.1" (inside).

The object is to make a perfect cube from the 25 "Z" shaped pieces in order to get them to all fit inside the engraved box with no empty space. There are only 4 known solutions but millions of ways to get close! This one is among the toughest we sell.

A wonderful family & educational game that is great for traveling. This game is over 700 years old and appeals to all ages. Roll the dice & use either adding or multiplying to take combinations off the board. Full instructions included.

This 27-link cube unravels, but it stays in 1 piece like a snake. Can you form it back into a cube? Great for traveling since there are no small pieces to lose. A good initial solution time is about 1 hour, but with practice this can be done in under 10 seconds.

This 64-link cube is an advanced version of the Snake 3x3x3. It's considerably harder with a good solution time of 4-5 hours! This puzzle is always a favorite with Rubik's cube lovers. A master can show off the solution in under 1 minute!

This is perhaps the most versatile puzzle we sell. 7 unique pieces must be fitted together to from a cube. It is not super difficult since there are 240 ways to do it. Comes in a wood box & includes a sheet with many other shapes these pieces can make.

You may need an aspirin after messing with this puzzle for a few hours! There are 9 uniquely shaped pieces. The object is to get them back into a 3x3x3 checkered cube. A very attractive puzzle designed for a 1990s puzzle competition.

Players alternate placing Xs & Os on any of the 9 pegs. The object is to be the first to get 3 in a row along any length or diagonal. Since you can go up, this brings (literally) an extra dimension of fun to this traditional game. Size: 4.5" base & 3.75" tall.

A challenging & beautiful puzzle from 1883. Can you move the tower (one ring at a time) to another peg without ever placing a larger ring on top of a smaller ring? The minimum number of moves for this 9 ring version is 511. Includes a wooden box.

Some have called it a cylindrical Rubik's Cube. You must turn the inner cylinders to align the balls by color. There is 1 open chamber that allows balls to be shifted & passed around. Exceedingly difficult! Size: 4.25" tall & 2.75" wide.

Woodie Man is the original transformer. He is lots of fun for children. His arms, legs, and head will twist about in many different ways. Turn him into a box or a dog or a flying superhero. Develops creativity & dexterity in a fun way. Size: 8" tall.

This puzzle will trap any bottle that will fit into its base. The bottle cannot be opened until you solve the puzzle. Quite tricky!

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